Marriage and Mania

Marriage can be complicated at the best of times. Imagine throwing bipolar II disorder into the mix! Don’t feel too sorry for my wife, as you will see, she can handle me 🙂 When I am hypomanic, everything is on overdrive. I need less sleep, more conversation, am easily irritated, and expect perfection. As a… Read more “Marriage and Mania”

Mental illness is NOT the result of sin

In John 9:2, Jesus disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” They were trying to figure out the cause of the ailment, but their question reflected a pagan understanding of healing and sickness. Underpinning this question is the heretical idea of retribution theology Retribution theology says that there is a… Read more “Mental illness is NOT the result of sin”

Bipolar! You beautiful beast!

One of the reason’s I cannot write off Bipolar as entirely corrupt or demonic is that sometimes, there are incredible benefits to a well-timed bout of hypomania. As a lecturer, there are many times during the teaching year where I will speak or lecture 6 times/week. Several times during the semester, I will lecture from… Read more “Bipolar! You beautiful beast!”

How to get through depression

Most people with bipolar disorder experience periods of depression. These periods of depression can occur soon after hypomania subsides, or much later. Some people cycle back and forth between hypomania and depression, while others have long periods of regulated mood in between episodes. Mania and hypomania To be diagnosed with bipolar disorder (according to the… Read more “How to get through depression”

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