Pastor Bipolar

I am a husband, father, pastor and bible teacher… I also have bipolar II disorder.

I currently spend half my week planting and leading churches, and the other half lecturing at a Bible College (Seminary).

Like many people, my journey from mental illness to mental health has been long and complicated. To be sure, I have not arrived, but at least I am closer to wholeness than ever before.

For many reasons, being a follower of Jesus complicates the discussion. As does being a denominational pastor, as does being a bible teacher. I hope my insight can help untangle some misconceptions about Christian mental health, and help people grow in faith in Christ.  

I often get asked why I blog anonymously. The simple answer is… I am just not ready to be known.

I am not ashamed of my mental illness

I am not trying to be sneaky or duplicitous

I am not hiding who I really am

I am just not ready

May God walk with you in darkness and light

Pastor Bipolar